Dragon Knight
The Dragon Knight game engine is an online game system created by Jamin Seven. It is an RPG-style game in which characters explore the map, fight monsters, gain experience and buy items, among other things. It is written in PHP4, with a MySQL database backend. While it was originally envisioned as a medieval/fantasy type game (think back to the NES game, Dragon Warrior, to which this game is a tribute), it is possible to make it into any other kind of game you want (space, modern, whatever). All statistics are handled by the database, so all items, monsters, etc., are fully customizable. It includes an administrative control panel suited for basic editing tasks, however, the best way to make large-scale changes are with a more comprehensive database tool such as phpMyAdmin.

Update: As of 2/5/2017, the complete source code has been released under the MIT license, and is available for download from Github. Game Demo: Screenshots: Modifications Index:
  • Your one-stop-shop for all user-submitted modifications to Dragon Knight. We all know that I am no longer adding new features to the official DK code, but several people have made some really cool modifications, and have been willing to share them with the public. So click on this big ol' fat link right here to go to the Mods Index, and start hacking up your DK source code today!
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