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Adding NPC's (Non Playable Chars)Fantasia05.28.20078724.33
(6 votes, 8 comments)
Actual Equiped Images in Inventory & ProfileFantasia05.27.200710863.67
(3 votes, 1 comments)
Bank Interrest modAero05.24.200711034.16
(25 votes, 7 comments)
Lottery ModElement'05.23.20079763.00
(2 votes, 1 comments)
Individual Town ImagesFantasia05.22.200713354.38
(26 votes, 9 comments)
Top 10 Kills and DeathsAero05.16.20079183.67
(3 votes, 14 comments)
Delete UsersJames Wulfe05.15.20078264.29
(7 votes, 5 comments)
PvP Fixed, and WorkingFantasia05.12.200714474.00
(8 votes, 11 comments)
Revamped and Working Casino ModMonkieboy05.09.20077682.00
(2 votes, 1 comments)
Top 10 GénéralElement'05.03.20076844.00
(4 votes, 0 comments)
Random explore text improvedhannes04.07.20076733.75
(8 votes, 4 comments)
delete posts in forumdeathblade04.06.20078344.00
(7 votes, 0 comments)
Donate functionLitttlething02.22.200712763.00
(8 votes, 3 comments)
Add New drop using Admin PanelSerwas02.01.200711774.17
(6 votes, 2 comments)
Add New spell using Admin PanelSerwas02.01.200710794.20
(10 votes, 0 comments)
Add New item using Admin PanelSerwas02.01.200715684.53
(17 votes, 2 comments)
Chat Modxanderman02.01.200712823.06
(18 votes, 5 comments)
Some Files ItalianStefano01.31.20075313.67
(3 votes, 0 comments)
Field and fix monster modSerwas01.26.20079304.27
(11 votes, 2 comments)
Add New monster using Admin PanelSerwas01.20.200712244.20
(10 votes, 8 comments)
Add town using Admin panelSerwas01.18.200714154.25
(12 votes, 1 comments)
PvP by DOUBLET, edit by DragonkingDragonking01.18.200710583.09
(11 votes, 4 comments)
Extra AddonsUnique-Effex01.08.200711911.84
(19 votes, 3 comments)
Diagonal DeplacementDarkmore01.03.200710314.11
(9 votes, 3 comments)
UPDATED Gamble Hall Mod - By DGDarkGrave12.12.200610453.86
(7 votes, 4 comments)
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Information & Rules
This is a file index for any Dragon Knight modifications. If you've made a mod you'd like to share with the community, upload it.

Mod authors, please include a name, version, and brief description along with your file. All files should be submitted in a zip file that includes the actual PHP scripts as well as any readme/instruction files.

DISCLAIMER: I take absolutely no responsibility for the content or functionality of any of these files. You use them entirely at your own risk. Make sure to run all files through a virus scanner before opening them. Hopefully the people here are above such petty nonsense as putting a virus in the files, but you can never be to careful.