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Submitted by elooh - brian on 02.06.2007 (3704 Downloads)
this version has these mods:

-add/edit town
-add/edit spell
-add/edit item
-edit users
-edit bbblebox
-edit forum
-extra spells
-extra items
-extra drops
-extra monsters
-get mugge mod
-find money mod
-clan mod
-pvp (not very good)
-dynamic map
-list users
-list top ten
-list top richest
-quests (not very good)

hope you enjoy it

WAS made by everyone but i dontknow all the names so i wont name any, ok.
File rating: 4.38 out of 5.00 (37 votes total).
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Posted by brian elooh on 02.08.2007
just wondering what you thought about it
Posted by sytes.eu.tt on 04.11.2007
Unknown column 'status' in 'field list'

Please man help me
msn/ hack98_@hotmail.com
Posted by themisto on 06.05.2007
In this zip have not the install.php file.Pleaze help me!
Posted by brian elooh on 06.14.2007
in this zip file there is a readme file in that it tells you to run that sql in your database mate
Posted by mrmaxey on 06.22.2007
run what the instal ??
Posted by avatarturkiye on 08.22.2007
I can't login to the stupid game. I don't have the admin account. This is really stupid.

Msn/ gokberktalu@hotmail.com
someone pls give the admin account :S
Posted by aran112000 on 10.24.2007
This does work fine, you need to import the database information from the readme into your MySql database, this will make all the tables and fields that are not their already so you dont need an install.php file.  Also in the zip that was downloaded you will find a config.php file, open that and input all of the information for your SQL database, then upload that file to your host.  Then when you open up your site it will all work.  As for when you come to login, this script has 9 users i think it is already created and one of them is the admin account.  I can tell you that the user for the admin account is elooh2005 and the password with an MD5 hash is 1515beddad81476d8c901eacf53af717.  I recommend that unless you can work out what that password is, then you should go into MySQL and edit it.  I recommend that you also use MD5 on your new password for security reasons.  Here is the site i used to encrypt my password <a href="http://www.md5er.com/">md5er.com</a>

Here is a link to an SQL file with the admin user and password set to admin

<a href="zert.co.uk/install.sql>install.sql</a>
Posted by brian elooh on 12.05.2007
if you are looking for the poassword to admin which i had forgotten to mention i think it is either richard or 6nyh7b17
Posted by Rune on 12.14.2007
Just thought i would
A. Say thanks for this premod here... got it goin in like 5 minutes if that.

B. Say that if you dont like the current list of users (or cant figure out admin) then aran's advice is perfect, short of md5er.com not existing anymore. A quick google search for "md5 encryption" will provide many sites.
Just edit the INSERT, change anything you want (username, charactername, password) and poof...

C. The only thing that would have made this quicker and easier is an actuall update_db_install.php to auto ADD and INSERT, but no biggie there.

Thanks again mate, keep up the good work (if you are keeping up the work period)
Posted by brian elooh on 12.17.2007
everyone watch out i will have a new version up and running soon, same layout but more mods added to it i will give a list just the same as i have done here, then i will do a update for this on, please tell me what sort of updates do you want?
Posted by Jestar on 01.30.2008
I am unable to get this to work, how do you use the .txt file in your database?
Posted by brian elooh on 02.18.2008
it is actually explained a little by aran112000

just go to the readme file and then select the mysql which it tells you were it is and then copy it and import it into ur database, its really easy to do if you just read it
Posted by brian elooh on 02.24.2008
if you dont want the list of users, then just download the install.php from this site and upload and run it with my game, then run my syql from my readme file and delete them from ur database
Posted by imhoteb on 03.03.2008
can PvP be improved please ?
Posted by brian elooh on 03.18.2008
i am doing a new release soon it will be the same with more updates mate so if you dobt mind waiting a little then you will find it will be worth the wait
Posted by XCUSES on 07.06.2008
what is the user and pass? i have tried all above it doesnt work
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