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PvP Fixed, and Working - Click to Download
Submitted by Fantasia on 05.12.2007 (1432 Downloads)
(I use Stock Version of DK)

Screen Shot: http://i111.photobucket.com/albums/n139/Fantasia_011/Screenie.jpg

This is my First Mod (Fixed/Modified)

It's the PvP, i can't remember who made it Originally, but it was Modified by dragonking
and all Credits Remain intact in the Files..

I encountered a number of Problems with this PvP Mod, but i really wanted to use it...
So, instead of being a "n00b n askin sum1 els 2 do it fo meh" i looked up some PHP Tuts..

That was almost two weeks ago, and now i'm back with the Knowledge, and the Fix, or atleast it works A.OK
for me..

Problem 1, call to undifined Functions
- Fixed, the Functions were misnamed

Problem 2, Unkown '......' in '........' - Fixed
- Fixed/Modified, Turns out it needs a Mail Mod, i edited this and made it compatable with Mail Mod ***NEW***
which is below -- Required

Problem 3, White Blank Page after Clicking "Back to Main" Button, after Winning
Fixed - This was Because the Button Name was won, but the $_POST variable was looking for "win"

Problem 4, Not recieving Auto Mail when Loosing
Fixed - This was my own Error and i corrected it.

Problem 5, In-Battle Images not Working
Fixed/Modified - The Images were Broken, and i was using Character Class Image Mod FIXED
which is below. So i Modified and made it Compatable

And thats about it, an extensive list of Fixes, Changes, and Additions is in the Text File in the Zip
for anyone interested, or for whoever has tried to fix this, but failed...

In my experience of doing this, i am also going to Dedicate my Free time to Studying PHP and MySQL
further because..... I rather enjoyed it.

Please leave me Comments, i'd like to know how i did with it, and Ratings would be nice...

I hope you all enjoy this Mod.

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Posted by Gammort on 06.08.2007
$page.= "<tr><td><img src=\"images/classes/".$userrow["charclass"].".jpg\"></td><td>Strijd</td><td><img src=\"images/classes/".$row["challenger"].".jpg

Will not work, he will take the first picture good.. but the second picture will be userid.jpg so for example 40.jpg wich doesnt exist ofcourse,,
Posted by deathblade on 06.10.2007
when accepting a challenge i just get "error" on the page :S
Posted by Gammort on 06.11.2007
Maximum bet is equal to experience? Is that a joke or what?
Posted by solidlion on 06.30.2007
Go to Pvpfight.php

find word:

replace all:

that should fix the max bet to how much  gold u got
Posted by Fantasia on 07.31.2007
It's a shame this hasnt worked for everyone, i did my best at fixing it, and it works ok for me, except the Image Bug that Gammort pointed out :)
Posted by svetljjjo on 03.02.2008
Pleas help my.
You have WON this challenge!!
button-> Back to main page
After clik this button get eror mesage:
Unknown column 'UserFrom' in 'field list'
what I MAKE ?
Posted by imhoteb on 03.08.2008

Warning: Division by zero in /home/cetatea3/public_html/game/lib.php on line 209

Warning: Division by zero in /home/cetatea3/public_html/game/lib.php on line 211
Posted by imhoteb on 03.08.2008
at "Reply to message:" everytime when i reply i get an error.
pls help
Posted by Daisuke_aurora on 04.10.2008
I get the error when accepting a challenge too...
Posted by ErRoR on 11.19.2008
elseif ($_POST['enemy'] == "") { display("Wrong charactername<br><a href=\"index.php?do=pvpfight\">Go back</a>", "ERROR"); die(); }


elseif ($_POST['enemy'] == $userrow['charname']) { display("You cant challenge your self <br><a href=\"index.php?do=pvpfight\">Go back</a>", "ERROR"); die(); }

Posted by ErRoR on 11.22.2008
And anoter thing:
elseif($row["fightlvl"] > $userrow["fightlvl"]) //you lose
{ $page.= "<table>";
$page.= "<tr><td></td><td>V.S</td><td></td></tr><tr>".$userrow["charname"]."</td><td></td><td>".$vastanerow["charname"]."</td></tr><tr></tr><tr><td>What a Pitty, you lose!</td></tr><tr><td><form action=index.php?do=pvpfight3:$id method=post><input type=submit value='To main page' name=lose></td></tr></table>"; }

elseif($vastanerow["fightlvl"] < $userrow["fightlvl"]) //you won
{ $page.= "<table>";
$page.= "<tr><td></td><td>V.S</td><td></td></tr><tr>".$userrow["charname"]."</td><td></td><td>".$vastanerow["charname"]."</td></tr><tr></tr><tr><td>You have WON this challenge!!</td></tr><tr><td><form action=index.php?do=pvpfight3:$id method=post><input type=submit value='Back to main page' name=won></td></tr></table>"; }
else { $page.="ERROR"; }
display($page, "Challenge");

What is wrong here? WHAT ABOUT A DRAW omg its missing thats because you get error too.
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