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Top 10 Kills and Deaths - Click to Download
Submitted by Aero on 05.16.2007 (912 Downloads)
This will display top 10 kills and deaths
Vesion 1.0
File rating: 3.67 out of 5.00 (3 votes total).
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Posted by Ninja on 05.16.2007
the mod works but there is no SQL for it =\

post the sql.txt plz.

Unknown column 'numkills' in 'order clause'

Posted by Aero on 05.16.2007
Ooops i forgot let me update it. my bad

Posted by Ninja on 05.16.2007
Awesome man works perfectly and looks great with the other top lists =)
Posted by Fantasia on 05.26.2007
My Kills is constantly 0, I added the numkills and numdeaths to the dk_users table, is that correct?? It doesnt say where to add it, but i just assumed it was in the dk_users table
Posted by Aero on 05.26.2007
where did u add the data for the top 10? and did u have it call it correctly from index.php? and u have to modify both towns.php in the process.
Posted by Aero on 05.26.2007
To clarify yes the database enteries goes into the DK_USERS or ur current name for users, and at end of the coding for the root towns.php add a } after the last line of coding

Posted by Fantasia on 05.26.2007
Thats odd, i just re-followed the Instructions, i already add the } i noticed it the first time :) But still zero??
Posted by Fantasia on 05.26.2007
Wait a moment, lol, it never specified, so i wrongly assumed, but this counts PvP doesn't it XD!! Not normal kills otherwise we would have to edit fight.php, sorry, :D I just had a complete brain shutdown thats all lol..
Posted by Aero on 05.27.2007
it is for mob kills not pvp, i don't have pvp, because  i could never get it to work on my version. would love to find a way to get it to work for me tho.
Posted by Fantasia on 05.28.2007
Dude, i fixed the PvP!! It's about 3 Mods below this one... I too wanted to use it so i started to study PHP and i managed to fix it, now i'm Modding :D... Did you try my fix?? and did it work for you?
Posted by Fantasia on 05.28.2007
Btw, i tested your Mod on both PvP and Mobs, for it doesn;t want to work for me, i tried to install a number of times, following along very carefully, but nothing.... I'd say it is probably a conflict with another Mod maybe?? I have written some of my own Mods, and i have only been learning PHP for just over a Month, so it is possible :D
Posted by Aero on 05.28.2007
should work its working perfectly with my hosted game.

Posted by drake on 06.02.2007
guys, the PvP is pretty lame, no offense to the creators and editors of the mod, but I think we could remake a new one.
Posted by Quadrohs on 11.24.2008
Do you have the Kills Death Mod installed this mod needs that mod installed to work.
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