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Submitted by Fantasia on 05.22.2007 (1328 Downloads)
This little Mod allows you to have Images of your Towns, in the actual Towns. Not only that, it also allows each Town image to be different....
File rating: 4.38 out of 5.00 (26 votes total).
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Posted by Fantasia on 05.23.2007
Any reason for the 1 Rating?? If there is something wrong i can't fix it if i don;t know what it is can i!!!!! This works fine for me.. Infact it works Brill.. If you point out whats wrong then i should be able to correct any mistake i made, which probably happend while writing the Instructions down
Posted by Fantasia on 05.23.2007
I'd like to also point out, this will not work with UPPERCASE extentions they must be lowercase extensions, no .JPG - yes .jpg
Posted by Aero on 05.23.2007
if its programmed with lower case extensions u need to use lower case extensions nothing wrong with that. so id say its a wrong 1 rating.  
Posted by Aero on 05.23.2007
btw i will be using it when i find enough town pictures to add to my game. and i say excellent work, once i get the code in and all pics in ill come back in and give u a 5 rating that it requires.

Posted by Fantasia on 05.23.2007
Thanks pal, i dunno why it got a 1 Rating :( but never mind.. I tried, and i am still learning PHP so i am proud of it nonetheless :D Thanks for the Comment
Posted by Ninja on 05.23.2007
nice mod. i already modified the town info mod for my images, but i still gave you a 5 rating anyways =)
Posted by element on 05.25.2007

This MOD existed already on rpg illusion: S
Posted by Fantasia on 05.25.2007
RPG Illusion??  I did this mod myself, using the {{id}} that can be found in the Code that displays the Town Name Images, then just made a new Folder, and add the Folder name to the Line.. It was an Obvious one really
Posted by element on 05.26.2007

Yes I believe you, it is good work ;)
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