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Submitted by Aero on 05.24.2007 (1097 Downloads)
this gives a small chance to gain interest on money deposited into bank while exploring. currently 5% can be changed any time as with frequency of happening.

enjoy this add on. hope to see others putting out good add ons
File rating: 4.16 out of 5.00 (25 votes total).
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Posted by Aero on 05.24.2007
whoever gives 1's on voting really suck specially when they don't give a reason why
Posted by Fantasia on 05.25.2007
You got a 1 Vote too huh?? Looks like there is no "No Lifer" on the loose... Anyway, i havent tested this yet, as i lost my game :'( -- But i'll be sure to comment when i get round to testing it :D
Posted by Ninja on 05.25.2007
Awesome mod man been wanting to add intrest to my game, thanks for the great work!
Posted by DeQu on 07.06.2007
Hmm, The mod is Great.. But ATM i don't need it.. I give it 5.
Posted by Brendon on 09.25.2007
what is the point of this?
how realistic is that?
Posted by sLysdal on 10.14.2008
Nice mod, gave it a BIG 5!!

Btw, i edited the messages a bit in mine so it sounded more realistic
ill post it in a minute

Posted by sLysdal on 10.14.2008
$interrestchance = rand(1,600); // Find random number between 1 and 200
if ($interrestchance == 1) { // If the random number is one..
$interrestpercent = rand(1,7);
$interrestamount = 1 + ($interrestpercent/100);
doquery("UPDATE dkm_comments SET bank=bank*".$interrestamount." WHERE id=".$userrow["id"], "users"); // Update the gold variable.
$page = "You were walking along the road and you found a bank interrest card on the ground, it had a value of ".$interrestpercent."%!<br /><b>*Poof*</b> - The card suddenly disappeared and the interrest was added to your bank"; // Output
display($page, "You found a bank interrest card!");
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