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Submitted by Fantasia on 05.28.2007 (866 Downloads)
Whats a game, without NPC's???

Screenshot -

This Mod is actually the Town Info Mod by Anman, after observing the Code, i ripped it to Pieces and re-constructed it to work for NPC's, although there is not alot of the TownInf code left, I still give Credit to Anman, because i learned something from his Code

Ok, so this adds NPC's into your Game, it is easy to Mod, and can be copied and renamed to make more Options such as - Talk to Locals - Talk to Shopkeep - Talk to Chicken - or anything really....

For those who dont know, an NPC is a Non Playable Character, which usually is someone you can talk to within the Game, thats what this is.

Enjoy :)
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Posted by Fantasia on 05.28.2007
?? It wont upload the file??
Posted by Fantasia on 05.28.2007
Ok fixed!!
Posted by Aero on 05.28.2007
Great work, works perfectly, i give u a 5. I just gotta think up a npc for the rest of the towns in my hosted game.
Posted by Fantasia on 05.28.2007
Thank you Aero :) -- For a beginner, i'm started to get the hang of it, and i am learning lots of new stuff, hopefully i can submit some more Mods within the near future :)
Posted by Aero on 05.28.2007
as u make them ill use them as they fit my  game lol.

Posted by Fantasia on 05.28.2007
Aero, i'm interested whats your game link?
Posted by Aero on 05.28.2007
Posted by Aero on 05.28.2007
also u can message me at the following

yahoo - sudeley5
aim - drizzt0690
msn -
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