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Submitted by drake on 05.31.2007 (881 Downloads)
You can Exchange 1 gold for 1 experience with this mod. It adds the exchange page to Town Options, can be easily modified for different rates, or different things to exchange. go easy on me, its my first mod :P
File rating: 4.38 out of 5.00 (13 votes total).
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Posted by Aero on 05.31.2007
just 1 note you forgot the data in the index.php.

Posted by drake on 05.31.2007
its in the Readme =)
Posted by Aero on 05.31.2007
is it in there now? the readme was in archive only told me to edit towns.php from templates and upload the mod file. but i fixed it and changed to 25 gold for 1 exp. works good.

Posted by Aero on 05.31.2007
the part not in the readme is

in index.php find
// Town functions.

add the following below

elseif ($do[0] == "exchange") { include('exchange.php'); expforgold(); }
Posted by drake on 05.31.2007
yep, I see what you mean, I just added it, thanks :)
Posted by Aero on 05.31.2007
np, i gave u a 5 on ur file. good idea. gives people something else to spend their money on...
Posted by drake on 05.31.2007
yeah, had alot of people saying their always full of cash and in need of more.
Posted by drake on 05.31.2007
in need of something to spend it on I mean lolz. sorry, i'm not feeling well today lol, thought it would be the perfect day to code :P
Posted by Aero on 05.31.2007
hey email me at if u want to join 2 of us in making more mods. i got Fantasia and I working together maybe 3 would help more.  Id love to have alot more mods done to put into our games.

Posted by drake on 05.31.2007
I got an error when sending you an e-mail. you got an alternative e-mail?
Posted by Aero on 05.31.2007

Posted by Fantasia on 05.31.2007
Yes, thats a good idea Aero, like we said, we can get more done with more of us, (Like the Random Explore Text.) Anyway i'm gonna install this Mod, and i'll be back in 5mins, to comment :)
Posted by Fantasia on 05.31.2007
Seems to work fine for me :)
Posted by drake on 06.01.2007
excellant :D
Posted by TRIVUz on 07.20.2007
i modify this mod to do so many exchange.. ;-)
Posted by drake on 07.26.2007
lol, nice ;)
Posted by Jestar on 01.30.2008
if you buy enough exp to level up, your character does not level up, his exp just continues to rise.
Posted by ohmyiv on 10.31.2008
how do you change the exchange rate?

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