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Submitted by Aero/Fantasia on 06.04.2007 (924 Downloads)
This takes Jesse Smith's mod that gives you one of the following stat incresases at random hp, mp, tp, str,dex,atk,def.

now it will keep track of stat increases from random events and shows chars and other players what they have discovered over the time of their adventures.

File rating: 4.00 out of 5.00 (5 votes total).
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Posted by Gammort on 06.05.2007
Wow, tnx a brandnew feature :D
Posted by Gammort on 06.05.2007
I voted 4, because the mod is ok, but it isnt very usefull, in my opinion ofcourse.
Posted by Aero on 06.05.2007
Your a strange one... "WOW, thx a brand new feature" then u say "but inst very useful" which it a WOW, or a EH.... lol.
Posted by element on 06.05.2007
Good work !
Posted by Gammort on 06.05.2007
Yes i'm strange, and the first one was because i didnt download it yet. And the second was after i did. The first response was more like: Wow, some1 is actually busy with mods for dk :P
Posted by Aero on 06.05.2007
when i do updates on my site, and i think someone will like it i always post them.

Posted by Fantasia on 06.05.2007
Quote "Wow, some1 is actually busy with mods for dk :P" Erm, well, where is my freakin WOW??? Look on the list i made 6 damn mods within two days, do i get a WOW??? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO :D
Posted by Aero on 06.05.2007
WOW >>====> Fantasia, doing his good work.
Posted by Gammort on 06.07.2007
Submitted by Aero/Fantasia on 06.04.2007

Ehmm so that means that i WOW you both? Saves time you know.. nah just kidding, but i really WOW'ed you both!
Posted by Fantasia on 06.07.2007
Well yeh but "SOME1 is working" that tells me you you WOW'ed 1 person :D lol
Posted by Ninja on 06.18.2007
*cough* wow *cough*

Posted by Soopermuse on 06.29.2007
Does it include random events of meeting henrik klingenberg dressed as a gimp who takes money off you?
Posted by Fantasia on 07.14.2007
No but you can meet a 2ft Hobbit dressed in a Pimps Outfit.
Posted by ErRoR on 04.25.2010
i dont know where i can find the event mod ? can someone share a link over here ? thanks
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