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Submitted by unnown on 06.06.2007 (1199 Downloads)
with this you can make you're own quests, people can start quests by paying a small fee and off they go, you can edit everything really easy from the admin panel
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Posted by Aero on 06.07.2007
can u expand on more, like type what types of quests are there.., etc

Posted by drake on 06.07.2007
I agree, it looks very interesting. But I would like to know more about what it does before I add it, It has quite alot of coding involved ^^
Posted by unnown on 06.07.2007

for anybody that wants to see it in action (note i'm still working on scripts and shit)

well for the moment it's still a simple go there and get the reward but i'm planning on adding fight (like fight 100 monsters to get a *)

but for now it's a simple go there get the price
Posted by Gammort on 06.07.2007
Ohh ur the unnown from my game? Pirategame? Plz dont become my rival :P
Posted by unnown on 06.07.2007
lol yeah i'm that unnown
and i just like making new stuff i'm not making a game or anything ;)
if you need anything for you're game i'll be happy to make it just mail me :)
Posted by drake on 06.07.2007
Posted by Gammort on 06.08.2007
The rule:
`price` SMALLINT( 5 ) NOT NULL ,
must be changed with
`amount` SMALLINT( 5 ) NOT NULL ,
in order to let the script work
Posted by brian elooh on 06.20.2007
i have an idea but i dont know weather it will work....

if it was posible to have someone that is less than admin and more than the average person privalages.

also it would be good to have the admin able to edit this, would you be able to make this.
Posted by brian elooh on 06.20.2007
this privalage thing dosent allow people to edit players, only edit chat, add items that sort of thing.
Posted by Soopermuse on 06.24.2007
it says error on this line

$query = doquery("UPDATE dkm_comments SET name='$name', message='$message', amount='$amount', type='$type', latitude='$latitude', longitude='$longitude', hint='$hint' " WHERE id='$id' LIMIT 1", "quests");
           admindisplay("Quest Updated.","Edit Quest");
Posted by Soopermuse on 06.24.2007
i removed the admin edit quest functionnwhere the error was and got it to work. this mod sucks, you cant choose which quest you want, the explanations are backwards in the admin part, and you can be continually charged for the quests. really sucks, and the english is terrible.  Now im going to have to remove all the file mods for this mod, it is CRAP
Posted by unnown on 06.24.2007
dude if you dont like it make one for yourself....
Posted by Soopermuse on 06.29.2007
Maybe I will...
Posted by svetljjjo on 10.09.2011
This mod is a mistake to interchange the
these two lines in admin.php
and must become so as the lower rows
<option value="4">Add gold</option><option value="5">Add exp</option>
And another thing when you reach the coordinates of the quest
begin to refresh the page
each refresh will give you bonus
You can reach millions.
must check whether the quest is already implemented and removed from the list of players
Replace the entire code file explore.php
with the given below

//quests with editor and everything
$questquery = doquery("SELECT * FROM dkm_comments WHERE latitude='$latitude' AND longitude='$longitude' LIMIT 1", "quests");
   if (mysql_num_rows($questquery) > 0) {
       $questlist = explode(",",$userrow["quests"]);
       if ($questlist[1] >0) {
       while ($questrow = mysql_fetch_array($questquery)) {
           foreach($questlist as $a => $b) {
               if ($a == $questrow["id"]) {
   if ($questrow["type"] == 1) {
           $newhp = $userrow["currenthp"]+$questrow["amount"];
    if ($newhp >= $userrow2["maxhp"]) { $newhp = $userrow["maxhp"]; }    
              $query = doquery("UPDATE dkm_comments SET gold='$newgold',currenthp='$newhp',currentmp='".$userrow["maxmp"]."',currenttp='".$userrow["maxtp"]."',quests='0' WHERE id='".$userrow["id"]."' LIMIT 1", "users");

if ($questrow["type"] == 2) {
           $newmp = $userrow["currentmp"]+$questrow["amount"];
   if ($newmp >= $userrow["maxmp"]) { $newmp = $userrow["maxmp"]; }
              $query = doquery("UPDATE dkm_comments SET gold='$newgold',currenthp='".$userrow["currenthp"]."',currentmp='$newmp',currenttp='".$userrow["maxtp"]."',quests='0' WHERE id='".$userrow["id"]."' LIMIT 1", "users");

   if ($questrow["type"] == 3) {
           $newtp = $userrow["currenttp"]+$questrow["amount"];
   if ($newtp >= $userrow["maxtp"]) { $newtp = $userrow["maxtp"]; }
              $query = doquery("UPDATE dkm_comments SET gold='".$userrow["gold"]."',currenthp='".$userrow["currenthp"]."',currentmp='".$userrow["currentmp"]."',currenttp='$newtp',quests='0' WHERE id='".$userrow["id"]."' LIMIT 1", "users");


   if ($questrow["type"] == 4) {
           $newgold = $userrow["gold"] + $questrow["amount"];
              $query = doquery("UPDATE dkm_comments SET gold='$newgold',currenthp='".$userrow["currenthp"]."',currentmp='".$userrow["maxmp"]."',currenttp='".$userrow["maxtp"]."',quests='0' WHERE id='".$userrow["id"]."' LIMIT 1", "users");

   if ($questrow["type"] == 5) {
       $newexp = $userrow["experience"] + $questrow["amount"];
   $updatequery = doquery("UPDATE dkm_comments SET currentaction='Exploring', experience='$newexp', latitude='$latitude', longitude='$longitude', dropcode='0' WHERE id='".$userrow["id"]."' LIMIT 1", "users");


$page = $questrow["name"];
display($page, "$questrow[message]");
//quests with editor and everything end
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