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Submitted by unnown on 06.07.2007 (1214 Downloads)
this allows users to get information on what item the have with them or what item the wear (you can add any kind of information that you want)
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Posted by drake on 06.07.2007
Nice Mod, very helpful. Could be easily changed to show picture for each item also. The only problem I found were Slot 1,2 and 3. you click on an empty slot and it opens the popup loading your whole website in that popup and giving you an error. and when you click a slot that is used it says its a stick, with no special abilities. but besides that it is an excellant mod! Keep em coming ;)
Posted by drake on 06.07.2007
Would you be able to update this mod so you can view other players weapons and items in onlinechar.php ?

Regards Drake
Posted by unnown on 06.07.2007
yeah i'll do it :)
but first my clan mod
then my build stuff in towns and have it produce and be able to trade stuff mod and then that ;)
Posted by drake on 06.07.2007
cool. =D
Posted by Gammort on 06.08.2007
He offered to help me, all the stuff he 'makes for me' will be released here in public so everyone can enjoy, unnown, we all love you :P
Posted by Pilkojr on 02.03.2008
I edited the files as per your mod, but when clicking on an item to see it's stats, I get the following code in the popup window;
{{content}} THEVERYENDOFYOU; ?>㼼浸敶獲潩㵮ㄢ〮湥潣楤杮∽卉ⵏ㠸㤵ㄭ㼢ਾℼ佄呃偙⁅瑨汭倠䉕䥌⁃ⴢ⼯㍗⽃䐯䑔堠呈䱍ㄠ〮吠慲獮瑩潩慮⽬䔯≎∠呄⽄桸浴ㅬ琭慲獮瑩潩慮⹬瑤≤ਾ格浴浸湬㵳栢瑴㩰⼯睷⹷㍷漮杲ㄯ㤹⼹桸浴≬砠汭氺湡㵧攢≮氠湡㵧攢≮ਾ
any ideas?
Ta Pilk
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