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Submitted by unnown on 06.07.2007 (2163 Downloads)
with this everybody can creat his or her clan/guild and manage anything from the guild/clan menu

this mod allows for:
custom ranks/titles
aplying for a clan/guild
checking apliances for you're clan/guild
top 10 clans/guilds
and a lot of other stuff but i'm tired :p
File rating: 4.18 out of 5.00 (11 votes total).
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Posted by drake on 06.07.2007
sounds good.
Posted by drake on 06.07.2007
I just set up this mod, and I get an error.

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: clan() in /home/tip/public_html/dragonknight/index.php on line 61

Could you please fix this?
Posted by drake on 06.07.2007
nevermind, forgot to upload towns.php :P, 5 out of 5. good work
Posted by drake on 06.08.2007
everything is working fine, except when I click on Clan Invites, I get this error.

Warning: mysql_num_rows(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource in

any ideas? thanks
Posted by drake on 06.08.2007
result resource in towns.php on line 530
Posted by drake on 06.08.2007
and how can you make it so you can see what clans other players are in. in onlinechar.php ?
Posted by unnown on 06.08.2007
you got it working now?
otherwise i'll reupload it and see what i did wrong :)

(it was kinda late :P)
Posted by drake on 06.08.2007
lol, Yeah i'm still getting the problem. Don't know whats up with it.
Posted by unnown on 06.08.2007
i'll reupload it in an hour or so...(after i fix it)
Posted by deathblade on 06.08.2007
working  fab :P now to make it so clans can have wars set how long the wars go on for and clan with most kills wins wow could make so you can bet the other team :P
Posted by unnown on 06.08.2007
that's easy

just add 3 fields to the clans databse

(where war is the clan they are at war with, time is the time they started this war, and points is the amount of points they earned so far (ofcourse you could also add a price field for the price they win from the clan)
Posted by unnown on 06.08.2007
fix (i'm reuploading the file to for people who are going to download it in the future):

in towns.php
find $action == "aply" and replace it with this:

   if($action == "aply") {
       $clanquery = doquery("SELECT username FROM dkm_comments WHERE position='aply:$userrow[clan]'", "users");
   $page .= "<b>Clan apliances:</b><br> \n";
   if (mysql_num_rows($clanquery) == 0) {
                      $page .= "There are no apliances at the moment. <br> \n";
   } else {
         while ($clanrow = mysql_fetch_array($clanquery)) {
                       $page .= "<a href=\"index.php?do=clan3:$clanrow[username]\">$clanrow[username]</a><br> \n";
                   $page .= "<a href=\"index.php?do=clan:main\">Click here to go back to the clan's main page.</a><br> \n";

Posted by drake on 06.08.2007
SELECT username FROM dkm_comments , I don't think anyone has that table. is that
just suppose to be our dk_user table?
Posted by unnown on 06.09.2007
should be dkm_comments but somehow it went to that...
Posted by unnown on 06.09.2007

stupid word filter... :P
Posted by drake on 06.09.2007
lol ok, thanks
Posted by Gammort on 06.09.2007
Custom ranks doesnt work properly (or i messed it up) and it would be nice if clanmembers and the clanleader both can see the members of the clan.

And also if you have a memberlist, you could put a clan column in it :)
Posted by drake on 06.09.2007
yeah, good idea
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