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BASIC clan mod - Click to Download
Submitted by Ando Roots on 07.26.2007 (1356 Downloads)
Basic clan mod. Includes:Create,join,kick,leave,memberlist.
Feel free to alter and upload as your own mod IF you leave my name intact somewhere in the code.
File rating: 4.20 out of 5.00 (15 votes total).
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Posted by masterofollies on 07.26.2007
#1. Why only a very basic clan mod

#2. That same exact mod is already on the list. By someone else
Posted by Stixsmaster on 07.27.2007
I say dont complain and ruin others creativity...if it works then that is good enuff for me...+ mayb sumone doesnt want the extra icing on their mod so they can use this...
Posted by masterofollies on 07.27.2007
That's not what im saying, but ok
Posted by element on 07.27.2007
Very nice !
Congratulations ;)
Posted by SmartCat on 07.28.2007
Why only a basic mod? Beacuse the title says "BASIC". I never found a clan mode here that suited for me and since one of my friends was running his own game too and needed a mod, I made one. Basic is better than advanced because you can add stuff acording to your game and needs. I have much more advanced clan mode, but if I would post it here, then my own game might run a little low on users.
Posted by SmartCat on 07.28.2007
By the way, this mod is made by ME, masterofollies! So if you complain, fund a little green button and click it. Title says "Back".
Posted by masterofollies on 07.28.2007
Of course I complain.
Posted by SmartCat on 07.29.2007
Yes...Why shouldŽnt you.
Posted by Rekkonen on 11.08.2007
Should i change the thing that says Created by Ando Roots and make it say Created by Masterofollies then? Cos iused this mod on my DK game.
Posted by twiggy609 on 06.12.2008
this sucks
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