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HP/MP/TP Fix - Click to Download
Submitted by Ando on 08.20.2007 (885 Downloads)
Fix the *censored* bug with hp/mp/tp bars, that shows bar a LOT longer, when currenthp/tp/mt is greater than maxhp/mp/tp. Just one line of code needed!
(Comments are wrong, because this I didnt find a way to remove my modd, so I had to replace it.)

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Posted by masterofollies on 08.20.2007
Let's see some of your work. I only seen you release the basic clan mod, which isn't needed. So let's see some of your talent.
Posted by SmartCat on 08.22.2007
Who sayd anything about talent? My other "name" is SmartCat, with 3 modds. I havnt posted my main work, because its in Estonian. Any it would be really annoying to translate English => Estonian => English. I think I will someday realease "Andos Great Modds Pack", but this will be far in the future.
Posted by masterofollies on 08.22.2007
So you'd let a complete beginner who doesn't know what he is doing, make your mod's for you? I just want to see what he can do before anything.
Posted by SmartCat on 08.22.2007
Fine, if you understand some basic Estonian, you can find my game gatewars.score.ee.
Some screens are here:
Posted by masterofollies on 08.22.2007
I don't understand a word of that. But it's beside the point. Idea's or asking for help should be in the forum.
Posted by SmartCat on 08.23.2007
Okay, how do i take it down? :(
Posted by masterofollies on 08.25.2007
I had that problem awhile back on mine, but I already have mine patched so I don't need this, but it's useful to others.
Posted by svenn on 12.11.2007
this edit is in : lib.php;
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