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Submitted by CBeTHaX on 08.24.2007 (1066 Downloads)
With this mod you can make exploring in your game turn based. When you do a move , it takes 1 turn , and you can set how long you have to wait until a turn , and you can set how many turns you win.
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Posted by masterofollies on 08.24.2007
Sounds like a nice addition, except it'll piss alot of people off.
Posted by CBeTHaX on 08.24.2007
The reason I made this mod was that the interest of your game will be longer because if there arent turns you can all day beat monsters and level up , and it will became uninteresting on the second day. I think you get the idea of turns.
Sorry for my bad english, but i am from Bulgaria.
Posted by CBeTHaX on 08.24.2007
I specially put a setting to change how much time you have to wait until a turn , and how many turns u get , so you can estimate what setting is best , to not bore your visitors that much so they withdraw from your game
Posted by masterofollies on 08.24.2007
Cool Cool, it's like legend of the green dragon feature. I might try it one day.
Posted by Aruta on 08.29.2007
Nice mod and idea man.
I set exploring to cost travel points in my game to get something like this.
Posted by Metacat on 09.16.2007
I can't move dude! If everything is OK you should mention where the pices should be paste.
Posted by CBeTHaX on 09.16.2007
are you receiving turns on every 10 minutes?
Posted by Metacat on 09.18.2007
when i try to move i can't. After pressing the direction i get same position as before
Posted by CBeTHaX on 09.29.2007
hm i think it isn't from my mod. Do you have any other mods?
Posted by iwan on 10.26.2007
Is this tested and does it work ?
Posted by CBeTHaX on 11.15.2007
yes it works
Posted by basleijser on 05.04.2008
I had to change $_GET into $_POST in order to make this script work on my computer but where do you have to put the code in index.php?
Posted by CriticaL on 06.09.2008
To make a turn based game you need to make some cron files... i don't know how to do it but i read on many places for this . any turn based games required cron files.
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