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Music! Dynamic to the Player's Action - Click to Download
Submitted by Noramros on 03.02.2008 (712 Downloads)
*NOTE* Do not be demoralized from the first few them all...

Uses Windows Media Player plugin (which works in any browser) to play songs in the "root/sounds/" folder. It's a simple  modification to the leftnav.php file. It requires songs for In Town, Exploring, and Fighting.

Live example can be found here:

I have background music for the login page, so you don't need to sign up.

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Posted by masterofollies on 03.02.2008
It doesn't work on FireFox browsers, I have the newest one. So this is useless to me.
Posted by Noramros on 03.02.2008
It's the only one that I could find that would work on both my Firefox and my IE. It may need to run ActiveX control, though...but just click yes...
Posted by Noramros on 03.02.2008
Also mak sure to include the right extensions =P.  Make sure to check out my live example by going to my website:
Posted by Noramros on 03.02.2008
The newest version of Firefox is and that's what works for me.
Posted by masterofollies on 03.02.2008
#1. Quit posting so many comments.

#2. Your website has errors, it crashes the browser.

#3. Read above
Posted by Noramros on 03.02.2008
Works fine for me!  =P
Posted by Ninja on 03.05.2008
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv: Gecko/20080201 Firefox/

your just a bitter person, this mod works just fine and is very well made, go to anemo forum master and put your unwanted rants where they belong with your own kind =\
Posted by masterofollies on 03.05.2008
If you were any good at making mods, you'd make sure it fit every browser.
Posted by Noramros on 03.05.2008
lol, I'm about to upload my second mod

Thanks for the comment Ninja!

Posted by Noramros on 12.03.2008
Hey guys.  It's about 9 months later, and I have something GREAT!!

I developed a system that plays music based upon variables in your users' database.  The good thing about it?  No page loads.

This is especially great because it can be worked on to something like.... PvP without page loads, or even co-op quests without page loads.

Peace out!
~Ben Maerkle
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