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Submitted by Trav on 03.11.2008 (1757 Downloads)
This is my first mod.  It is a fairly robust quest creation system.  You can create "fetch" quests and "kill" quests.  You can choose how much experience or gold will be rewarded for quest completion.  You can choose a drop to be rewarded.  You can create a chain of quests, where new quests open up only after previous ones are completed.  There is also a quest log to help the player keep track of quests.  I think it's a pretty good first mod if I do say so myself. :)
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Posted by masterofollies on 03.12.2008
All I see is, kill this monster and you beat the quest. I don't see any "custom" parts for it.
Posted by Trav on 03.12.2008
I wanted more interactivity within my game.  This allows me the freedom to create chains of events that tell stories.  Most quests in most games boil down to killing something or finding something.

Instead of wandering around town aimlessly fighting monsters, you have a little more sense of purpose if you are looking for something somewhere to the northeast of town which will further reward you.

It would be hard to create a script that would allow someone to do anything they wanted, but for what this is I think it is fairly customizable.

I am using it to tell stories that can lead up to 'boss' fights.  These bosses are special monsters I create that aren't seen elsewhere in the game.  (I give them a level outside the range of the random monster levels so that they are just for the quest.)  I reward drops that you can't get elsewhere in a similar fashion to how I handle unique bosses.

Oh, well.  Thanks for checking it out anyway.  Peace.
Posted by svetljjjo on 03.12.2008
Very well this is need in this game.
You must add as well opportunity for the goals to be put for contacting specified LOCATION. If player reach to
indicate LOCATION Quest complete.
Sory for my bad english i'm from Bulgeria.
Posted by Trav on 03.12.2008
I found 2 very minor issues and updated them in the file.  There were a couple places I noticed that the title of the page wasn't being set.  It's not really a big deal, but you can download the latest zip and replace the quest.php (the one not in the templates folder) if you want to.

I'm not exactly sure I understand you.  You tell the player the goals of the quest in the quest "start text" field, such as "I lost my item somewhere in the fields northeast of Midworld.  Will you find my item for me?"  Then you set the location of the quest objective, and when the player arrives at that location, they see the quest "ending text" and are notified that the quest is complete.  They also get their rewards, and then continue exploring.
Posted by svetljjjo on 03.12.2008
Sory for my bad english i'm from Bulgaria.
Fetch Quest Example:
I want to say that I reach the certain point  latitude 3, longitude 2 but Quest is not finish. The thing does not come.
he's one error in "Add Quest" in admin.php :
Warning: Missing argument 1 for addquest()

Posted by Trav on 03.12.2008

I found the small problem with admin.php.  I copied similar code and left an argument in the function that didn't need to be there.  It still worked ok for me, but PHP was giving warnings in the log.  I uploaded the correction to the file so it won't be there in future downloads.

Here is the correction if you have already downloaded and installed this mod.  It was working fine for me without the fix, so you don't have to fix this unless you are having problems adding quests in the control panel.

Here is the fix:

Open the admin.php script found in your main DK install directory.

Find this code:
function addquest($id) {

Replace that with this:
function addquest() {

Now find this code:
<form action="admin.php?do=addquest:$id" method="post">

Replace that with this:
<form action="admin.php?do=addquest" method="post">

That's it.

Posted by Trav on 03.12.2008

You are having problems with the example quests?  Make sure you accept the quest by clicking on the 'accept quest' link in town.  Once you do that, the quest will appear in your quest log, which can be found in the right navigation pane.  If you see it in your quest log, you should be good to go.  If you didn't make any mistakes when applying the changes, it should work when you go to the proper lat/long coordinates.

I am having no issues with it, and I've tested it pretty thoroughly.  If you still can't complete the tutorial quests, let me know. I haven't heard of anybody else having problems so far.
Posted by masterofollies on 03.12.2008
Here is a GREAT example.

RPG Maker for the play station. Can you import files? No, can you hand code scripts? No, can you add custom features? No. What you see is what you get. Yeah it's kind of fun to mess around with. But can you use RPG Maker to make a game as good as final fantasy? NO.
Posted by svetljjjo on 03.13.2008
must have made a mistake sorry!
already work well .

i'm one propose ,add function "REJECT quests " if player can't execute quests . be able rejection quests and choice other quests .
Posted by Trav on 03.13.2008
I can add a reject quest function easily.  It would just go back to the available quest list and appear there until the player rose above the maximum level for that quest.  You do know you can have multiple quests in your quest log at the same time, right?  As long as a player meets the quest's level requirements and has completed previous required requests, he can accept the quest.  If you don't want a quest to have a previous quest requirement, just set the previous quest id to zero.
Posted by Daisuke_aurora on 04.07.2008
When tyring the installer, I keep getting an error message that tells me there is an error in line 153 of Lib.php. Any ideas what it should say there?
Posted by ramonskie on 07.03.2008
i installed your mod
and i can create and edit quests

but if i try your first quest tot go to latitude  3 and longitude 2
then nothing happens what could be wrong?
btw it is a heavely modded d-k
Posted by Trav on 07.03.2008
Make sure you have accepted the quest by going to the starter town and clicking on the available quests link, and then accepting the quest from there.  If you have already done that, make sure you haven't inadvertently edited the quest and changed the coordinates or something.

The quest process is started in explore.php.  It does a query for the coordinates you are currently at, and if it finds that you have accepted a quest with those coordinates, it should forward you to the quest screens.

Since you say your DK is heavily modded, it is possible another mod could be interfering somehow.
Posted by ramonskie on 07.04.2008
well there is already a quest mod installed but i thought it could work to gether because this mod works with cordinates and the other mod works with random numbers.
but i quess i was wrong :(
Posted by sLysdal on 10.14.2008
Works GREAT!!!

5 from me :D
Posted by worshiploud on 11.07.2008
I love this mode. It is so easy to use, I let my kids add the Quests for me... Great Job!!
Posted by ErRoR on 01.07.2013
Check out Great modification to dragon knight I just found! Best modification yet and the programmer seems to be updating it tons!
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