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Submitted by basleijser on 05.26.2008 (543 Downloads)
Oldernews mod

This mod adds a field called 'author' to the news part at the town screen and to the special oldernews page from the oldernews mod.

This mod has been tested on a clean Dragon Knight version and it works fine.
File rating: 2.60 out of 5.00 (5 votes total).
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Posted by masterofollies on 05.26.2008
Finally a new mod is released, but sorry to say this is not good. adding a single field to something isn't a mod. A mod should be a whole feature. I give it a 1
Posted by basleijser on 05.27.2008
I could also make a complete restyle to the news part, making it look better, but there are many players that already did that.
And a mod can be anything, as long as it adds something to the game. There are no rules for it and there are more small mods like these on this mod index.
And with these instructions you can also add fields like 'Subject' to the news script.
Posted by masterofollies on 05.27.2008
I am saying try something new. News mods are old, lame and not needed. Bring out a whole new concept.
Posted by basleijser on 05.28.2008
Well I'm working on a training mod right now, in which you can train your strength/dexterity/attackpower/defensepower.
And I'm working on skills, like a mercantile and fighting skill, which increase respectively when buying items and fighting monsters.
Posted by masterofollies on 05.28.2008
Ahhhh copying me. I already have a custom trainer mod.
Posted by Quadrohs on 11.24.2008
I have differant schools of training for each class were they can train, buy there own gear and buy there own spells.
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