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Submitted by Ole Bald Angus the Monk on 06.01.2008 (1213 Downloads)
This is a mod of the Whiz's minimap mod along with some new parts that add a bigger version of his map in the center of your screen while you are exploring (and it includes the sweet looking map.gif that came from ZDMaster's Player Map mod).

So your game will look like this...


...when you are exploring around.

Its classic old school crpg style y'know the map moves around and your character stays in the center of the screen heh.

All credit for how nice it looks should go to them guys.

Included are all the files you need so you can just use them in the place of your stock ones and a mapstuff.txt file that explains what I did and gives credit to Whiz and ZDMaster.
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Posted by szcieder on 06.02.2008
I'll try this out...sounds so cool...but I  have an avatar MOD on my rpg, how can I replace the red dot with my own custom one?
Posted by szcieder on 06.02.2008
it's really a bummer to replace the index.php file and lib.php when you have modified it already...you should try to point out what you edited..
Posted by OleBaldAngus on 06.02.2008
The mapstuff.txt file that comes with the zip explains what I did for you guys that need to edit your index.php (the only thing I changed was the DoExplore() function in there, the rest of the stuff for the exploring map is in a new ./template/explore.php file, those are the two places you need to go to fool with the size of the big map) but you are also going to have to do what the Whiz said to do (which was sweet and easy) in his minimap mod (that's the edit to lib.php and ./templates/leftnav.php for the radar-looking thing on the left).

Whiz's minimap mod is over here:

Posted by masterofollies on 06.03.2008
Horrible mod simply because your asking someone to completely overwrite their file to your copy, so months of work would be down the drain. The way to make a mod is to open notepad and copy your coding into it, with comments on where to put it and what to edit.
Posted by OleBaldAngus on 06.03.2008
The folks who know how to edit their files can follow what I told them to do in the mapstuff.txt file that came with the mod.

And if you were really smart you could've just followed what I told you in the comments so far.

The folks that can't do that need the files.

If you read the "Information and Rules" at the botton of this window it'll also tell you to do it the way I did it.

But you ain't big on reading are ya ahaha.
Posted by masterofollies on 06.03.2008
Ohhh a noobie insult. Try again jackass.
Posted by OleBaldAngus on 06.03.2008
Dude you ain't got nothing better to do than hang around and be called an asshat by me in the comments of some thing where I'm giving away shit for free, that's why you are here, entertaining me with your totally sad and backwards-ass little tips like, "if only I would've included a text file with something that said exactly what I did" right after I explained (twice haha) that I DID do that heh.

Maybe I need to include a text file that explains that I included a text file for folks with special needs like you!

Hey, you don't know how sorry I am that you can't use my shit, y'know, because DK is just so vast and complex, I mean, that's a terrible tragedy, I'm getting all teared up just thinking about it ahaha.
Posted by masterofollies on 06.04.2008
It's really funny that I am a much better coder then you, and I have a HUGE game that pwns everyone else that uses this script.
Posted by sytes.eu.tt on 06.13.2008
ja right masterofollies, a huge game..hah
Posted by Styx on 10.24.2008
Lol'd at Ollies.
Posted by Noramros on 11.15.2008
masterofollies is a douche-fag
Posted by Noramros on 11.15.2008
Good mod, just that masterofollies is an asshole
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