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Submitted by basleijser on 08.18.2008 (912 Downloads)
Original turns mod by: CBeTHaX

When I saw that the original turns mod wasn't working very well, I decided to create my own turns mod, because I love turns and the people in my game love them.
So I came up with the Turns Mod.

Now, however, I've updated it, to Turns Mod V2. It includes instructions and a script so that every day at 24 o'clock the users table will be updated so that everyone has their default number of turns again.

- What are turns?
If you don't know what turns are: read on.
Users in your game have a default number of turns. Like 100. Every time they travel (north/east/west/south, it doesn't matter) they lose one turn. When their amount of turns reaches 0, they can't play the game anymore and got to wait until the next day.
People will like your game more.
You can also give people more turns in exchange for money (let them buy a VIP account for 3 months, for example).
Instructions on how to do that are also included.
File rating: 4.33 out of 5.00 (12 votes total).
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Posted by masterofollies on 08.18.2008
This is like the most easiest mod to make, but I give it a 1 because people hate turns, no one wants to wait a day when they want to spend 8 hours a day playing and they can't. Poor mod and it should be deleted. Think up something better next time. You FAILED
Posted by basleijser on 08.18.2008
Well the people in my game love it.

And I give them enough turns to play about 2-3 hours a day. If they want more turns they can pay money for a VIP account.

And I didn't FAIL, you think I did and that's your opinion, and that's a big difference.
Posted by sytes.eu.tt on 08.19.2008
masterofollies you are the only one that hates the "turns" thing...
Posted by basleijser on 08.19.2008
I've updated the file to V2. Included are now:
- Instructions on how to update the users table every day at 24:00 automatically.
- Instructions on how to edit the script so that you can give some users more turns in exchange for money (like a VIP account).
Posted by Fayt on 08.19.2008
You have some really gay players in your game.

Sytes suck me.
Posted by basleijser on 08.20.2008
Fayt, if you don't like a mod, DON'T DOWNLOAD IT!
Just like somebody else said to masterofollies, there a link above that says 'Back to file list', why don't you just click on that link instead of making such a useless comment?
Posted by Fayt on 08.20.2008
Because your one of the many assholes who release these turn mods, and we hate them.
Posted by Fayt on 08.20.2008
Also the reason 95% of these mods are crap and don't work is because no one puts their 2 cents worth in, or goes through and deletes them.
Posted by SkyRover on 09.03.2008
А помоему нормальный мод. Пошагово тоже интересно играть, так что не спорьте.
Posted by Fayt on 09.04.2008
Ooooohhh your special aren't you.
Posted by Mystic on 10.20.2008
As of now, you have to be logged in to run the update query.. How can you get a cronjob to run the query without logging in?
Posted by basleijser on 10.21.2008
I'm sorry but I don't know much about cronjobs. Try some PHP Forum.
Posted by ErRoR on 04.27.2010
nice mod but useless ; yo have already TP points that dosent work anymore its the same
Posted by ErRoR on 04.27.2010
lol ! replace the word turns with word currenttp and you will use tp points as turns :p now its action points :p

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