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Submitted by basleijser on 10.02.2008 (1143 Downloads)
Skill Points mod
by basleijser

With this mod, the user gets 5 skill points every time he/she raises a level. You can spend them into attributes like max. HP or strength.

Now updated! Fixed two bugs!

Special thanks to:
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Posted by ErRoR2 on 10.02.2008
Did you test it?
Fatal error: Call to undefined function isnumeric() in C:\wamp\www\DK\towns.php on line 430

And it gives 5 skillpoints every time i win a fight not everi time when i gain a level.
Posted by basleijser on 10.02.2008
I removed the isnumeric function, which was wrong indeed.
But the other error you speak of is new to me.
Have you put it in the correct updatequery script? You need to place it in the updatequery script when you've gained a level.
Posted by ErRoR2 on 10.02.2008

elseif (!is_numeric($amount)).....
and in fight.php
find: function victory()
   if ($userrow["level"] < 100) {
$newlevel = $levelrow["id"];

After that add:
$updatequery = doquery("UPDATE dkm_comments SET skills=skills+5 WHERE id='".$userrow["id"]."' LIMIT 1", "users");

Posted by basleijser on 10.02.2008
Thanks! I'm going to update the file right now!
Posted by ErRoR2 on 10.02.2008
Not after
if ($userrow["level"] < 100) {

its after  
if ($userrow["level"] < 100) {
bla bla bla
$newlevel = $levelrow["id"];
HERE goes updateqery
Posted by basleijser on 10.02.2008
Oh I'm sorry I was a bit in a hurry :)
I'm going to edit it again ;)
Posted by Fayt on 10.05.2008
Dammit quit releasing mods before they are 100% bug free!! Your on my shit list again.
Posted by basleijser on 10.05.2008
It's better than releasing no mods at all. Bugs can be solved and by doing that you do have a nice mod for your game.
If you post no mod at all you won't.
Posted by Fayt on 10.05.2008
I'd prefer no mods over corrupted ones
Posted by basleijser on 10.06.2008
So that would make 0 DK mods total instead of 190.
Posted by sLysdal on 10.17.2008
Thanks for this great mod!

5 stars!
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