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sLysdal's NPC Mod 1.0 - Click to Download
Submitted by sLysdal on 10.16.2008 (4053 Downloads)
Its a NPC mod that can be pretty much customized:
- Up to 5 custom questions and answers per NPC (Questions can be diffrent from NPC to NPC)
- Easy user interface
- Easy managment via admin menu
- Comes with a table for the NPCs
- There can be as many NPC as you want.
- You can have more NPCs in one town
- NPC image support
- NPC introtext
(Comes with 8 sample NPCs)

Credits goes to:
Fantasia for making "Add NPCs (V2.0 - Added some Interactivity)" which inspired me to write a NPC Mod for DK, the example NPCs was made by Fantasia

Please tell me if i need more features or you find a bug
File rating: 4.67 out of 5.00 (49 votes total).
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Posted by basleijser on 10.16.2008
It's a dead link...
Posted by sLysdal on 10.16.2008
Its because the forum admin needs to check the file positive
Posted by Fayt on 10.17.2008
You get a 1 rating because of the broken link
Posted by basleijser on 10.17.2008
Fayt you give mods 99% of the time 1 out of 5 and that is not because they are buggy or something like that.
It's because you must somehow like to give 1 star ratings to mods even when they don't deserve it.
Ok, the link is broken, but what if he fixes it and it all works great? Than you've already voted and you can't vote again. So your 1 star rating remains, even though it is now fixed and it now works.
Posted by basleijser on 10.17.2008
Small mistake, it's then and not than ;)

sLysdal, I rated 5 out of 5, because I think your mod has great potential and if you fix the link I'll download it right away.
Nicely done!
Posted by sLysdal on 10.17.2008
But the link dosent work because the admin has to prove all files before upload...

From update upload page:"Note that editing/updating your file will return it to unapproved status, so it will have to be approved again before showing up on the list."
Posted by EAL on 10.17.2008
you left out some things in the admin.php.

you have to add:

   elseif ($do[0] == "npc") {  npc($do[1]); }
   elseif ($do[0] == "addnpc") { addnpc(); }
   elseif ($do[0] == "editnpc") {  editnpc($do[1]); }

by the way here is the link to it ;)
Posted by sLysdal on 10.17.2008
i reuploded the file

the error was a ' in the name
its fixed now, the download button/thing works now
Posted by sLysdal on 10.17.2008
i also fixed the thing in the instructions that EAL told me

Thanks for the notice EAL :D
Posted by EAL on 10.17.2008
no problem :)
Posted by Fayt on 10.17.2008
Hey assholes I can vote again if I please, but you can't. The reason I vote 1 on most mods is because they are trash. It's like "You can move the babble box 5 pixels over" OMG WHAT A FREAKIN AWESOME THING!
Anything that is complete trash gets a 1.
Posted by sLysdal on 10.17.2008
you havent even tried it...
you voted 1 before the download link was fixed....
Posted by Fayt on 10.17.2008
I downloaded it and looked at it. There is a few things I would change in it. Happy now?
Posted by sLysdal on 10.17.2008
What would you change??
Posted by basleijser on 10.18.2008
But if there are people who'd like to have their babblebox moved 5 pixels they're happy and then it's a good mod.
And not all mods are bad, what about the "Send Messages" mod, the "Quest Creator" mod, the "NPC mod", this mod...
Posted by Fayt on 10.18.2008
basleijser if a person doesn't know how to change a 10px to 5px, then he/she has no business owning or programming a game. I am against anyone coding who doesn't know a thing about it. The quest creator mod is horrible, because its limited. You add text to it and poof its done. Same thing every time.
Posted by basleijser on 10.18.2008
And now you're saying something that isn't true.
The quest creator mod ISN'T horrible.
You THINK it is horrible. That is your opinion. That doens't makes it a fact that it is true.
And many others do like it.
A moderator should help members, Fayt, but you're only complaining and creating precisely that what you should prevent. If you would follow the rules correctly you should ban yourself.
Posted by sLysdal on 10.18.2008
Fayt.... Why do you keep talking about how bad the quest mod is and how bad people are if they cant move the babble box....

You said that you could find things that you would chang in my Mod, i asked you what.... You havent answered my question yet...

Oh, and Basleijser, Fayt is just a hater so thats why he always votes 1 and says he hate it... Thats also what he did to quest mod...
Posted by basleijser on 10.18.2008
Yeah sLysdal you're right.
Fayt, have you forgot about this? (
Masterofollies was/is your account right?
Well what do we have there, a mod that was released before it was finished and I THINK it is not even a good mod!
Posted by basleijser on 10.18.2008
But I'll stop with my comments, @sLysdal, you made a good mod and all these comments are useless anyway.

Posted by Fayt on 10.18.2008
Hi my name is basleijser and I am a gay prick who loves dick.

What you need to use in your script is SWITCH commands.
Posted by sLysdal on 10.19.2008
Yeah.... That just profs how gay you are and that you havent read the files as you say....

Posted by Fayt on 10.19.2008
Oh thats too bad that I downloaded it and read though it.
Posted by basleijser on 10.20.2008
But you did something wrong because we didn't know you read through it.
And you haven't told us yet what you would change.
Posted by Fayt on 10.21.2008
A switch command goes like this.

if (isset($_GET["do"])) {
$do = explode(":",$_GET["do"]);

case 'main':


You need to be using that instead.
Posted by sLysdal on 10.22.2008
No, because this is more compact....
if ($do[0] == "npclist") { include('npc.php'); npclist(); }

And if its only one if then there is no meaning in using a switch....

You way is if your a shithead, and wants you code to fill as much as possible...
Posted by Styx on 10.23.2008
Very nice mod. I first thought it didn't work but I put it before include town.php, haha. I really need this, thanks man.
Posted by sLysdal on 10.24.2008
Thanks :D
Posted by Aero on 11.01.2008
Just ignore  Fayt specially when he flames alot.  Yes i am back, and got my game back up. need new mods now lol. might as i can think of things try to code some. but so far nothing comes to mind. if anyone wants to play my game email me (dont want to spam the url here)

and if Fantasia is around email me mayhe we can partner up again.
Posted by worshiploud on 11.07.2008
I love this mod, it ads a lot to the game.. You rock!
Posted by sLysdal on 11.09.2008
Thanks :D
Posted by Noramros on 11.28.2008
Fayt, but up your fucking head....

you, too, masterofollies, if I ever see you again.
Posted by ErRoR on 04.26.2010
why you insulting and messing with other people ?

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