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Submitted by oops on 11.02.2008 (419 Downloads)
Sorry for the wasted space :P
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Posted by Styx on 11.02.2008
Can you give me your leftnav.php? It doesn't work.
Posted by ohmyiv on 11.02.2008
i have the graphic compass mod installed...

<a href="javascript:openmappopup()">View Map</a><br /><br />
<form name="navi" action="index.php?do=move" method="post">
<input name="northwest" type="image" src="././images/NW.gif"/><input name="north" type="image" src="././images/north.gif"/><input name="northeast" type="image" src="././images/NE.gif"/><br />
<input name="west" type="image" src="././images/west.gif"/><input name="east" type="image" src="././images/east.gif"/>
<br /><input name="southwest" type="image" src="././images/SW.gif" /><input name="south" type="image" src="././images/south.gif" /><input name="southeast" type="image" src="././images/SE.gif" /><input name="keydir" type="hidden" value="" />
<br />
Posted by ohmyiv on 11.02.2008
oops, sorry... notice the <input name="keydir" type="hidden" value="" /> is after my list of images...
Posted by Styx on 11.02.2008
Oh, erm, do you mind uploading your nw, ne and so in a .rar?
Posted by ohmyiv on 11.02.2008

temporary link, i'll put up another one later, but it should work for now
Posted by Styx on 11.02.2008
It's great, because my current was fucked up. I thank you a lot for this mod,  find it very helpful. Only the instructions are a bit weird, it says to add the <input name="keydir" type="hidden" value="" /> after the </form>. Kudos for the edit to an already good mod, 5/5. And for the images 5/5!
Posted by Styx on 11.02.2008
Nevermind about the images part. I was asking if you could maybe give a rapidshare link to your compass. (nw.gif) and so, because my graphicer messed mine up.
Posted by Fayt on 11.02.2008
Not only is it the same as the last mod, its old also, and bugged apparently. No rating for you
Posted by ohmyiv on 11.02.2008
@Fayt thanks for not rating it a 1 just because you already have it :)

@Styx thanks for liking it! it's all Aero and sLysdal's work :)  Also, I was going to change the directions for the </form> part, but I can't find where it says add "blah" after </form>...

Posted by sLysdal on 11.03.2008
Hey, good to see that you could use Aero and mines mod :D

But there is a small error in this upload... It doesent check for all the gameborders...

Me and Aero have already made a 8 way navigation xD, just dident upload it before today...(We made both 4 and 8 way navigation)
Posted by sLysdal on 11.03.2008
I have already uploaded it
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