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Submitted by Quadrohs on 12.05.2008 (826 Downloads)
 (( DK Improved Forum )) Improved /
dk_forumcontrol & dk_forumusers Tables
User Registration,Log in/out functions, Banned,User,Moderator & Admin Rights Levels,
Smilies in Posts, Editable Posts, In Game Mail for post Reply notification,
Avatars and Admin display levels in posts, Stickied & locking posts,
changeable Avatars/viewing gallery & uploadable avatars, Users List.
 ( Main Area Personal Information Display ) /
Avatar,Admin Level Display,Last Visit,Total # of Posts,# Of Threads Started,
# Threads Replied to, Last Post Time,Last Post Title,All Links to Forum Features,
 ( Admin Controls ) threw Forum and normal Game Admin area for setting  
Forum to Open or Closed for Maintenance, Turn Registration E-Mail Verification On or Off,
Admin E-Mail, Forum Name, Avatar Folder Paths, Smilies Folder Path, Avatar Upload Sizes by
Size in Mb and Hieght & Width in Pixels. Full User editing including setting Admin levels,
banning and Deleting Users. Full Post editing and deleting abilities and control to lock
or stickie posts.
 Installer Has full Initial Forum setup features to change default settings.
I Used Multiple Tables and .php Files for ease of further modifications and upgrades by anyone.
File rating: 3.67 out of 5.00 (3 votes total).
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Posted by EAL on 12.06.2008
Thanks for including me in the credits.  

This mod is very impressive and very well done. There is a few things that should be added to it though:
- Sub Forums (ex. general forum, game forum, staff forum).
- Search form where you can search threads for certain words.
- Alerts and Mass Alerts
- pagination

In saying that I am giving this mod a 5 because how well this mod is.
Posted by Quadrohs on 12.07.2008
Thanks EAL DONT know anything about Pagination just started to read up on it today. I want something like that for the Avatar Gallery! Saw your Forum last week and that got me going on this lol!
Posted by EAL on 12.07.2008
Pagination is hard to do with functions if they are not the main one that is automatically displayed. I have only been able to do it for the main pages so far. So if Your avatar galley where it displays your avatars is the main page that is displayed I can give a simple pagination script if you want.
By the main page I mean when they click on a link like "avatar_gallery.php" the gallery is automatically displayed.
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