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Submitted by Dradaki on 02.04.2009 (486 Downloads)
Since there is no forum, I apologize for asking here. I am using the Advanced Quest, and set it to random generated (actually every explore press triggers a quest). I cannot get ahold of the original creator, but I am having a prob with level ups. I can get the required amount, but it fails to advance me in levels. I will note that I do not have monster fights enabled, as this modded DK is now  war/pvp (edited kingdoms for immediate fight) game. If anyone can help, I have Yahoo IM: saincai or you can email me at that yahoo address.

EDIT: Fayt, I am  not familiar with php, so coding a whole quest list would be very difficult for me. I can edit things, as I have the basic idea of how some coding works, but other then that I am not versed with the coding.

Error: The quests mod is part of the game I am creating. The way I have the game is that you would hit a link called "Explore" and instead of fighting monsters, you would automatically gain XP and gold. Now when you gain the XP, if you reach the XP required to goto level 2, it wont level you up. You will still be level 1 with say 20 XP when to reach level 2 you only need 15. I could sit there and do that all day, and my XP bar would say 400/15 (current XP/ total XP needed to level up).

Thats the prob I am having. I should note now, that there is no moving around, as I pretty much disabled the exploration part of the game. I have 1 on 1 duels, Kingdom battles, and soon to be exploration (plundering). No random fights or anything like that. If you want to see the game (minus the exploration) then goto:
User: Demo
Pass: demo
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Posted by Fayt on 02.04.2009
Why not start your own quest script? For level up it's easy, it'd be something like $levelup = $level + 3 * $exp;
Posted by ErRoR on 02.06.2009
Why u whant levels up if its a quest mod?
New user logs in as an quest so he can only see what this game looks like not to play it, if he's interested then he have to register.
Posted by ErRoR on 02.10.2009
So u want to want to gain EXP and gold only by exploring and without monsters?
Ok here is explore.php address

This might help u... meybe. It gives randomly gold and EXP when u r exploring
Sout, West, East or North. And its without monsters. ou and it gives u levels when ur EXP reaches the limit, like 103/103 then u gain new level.
Posted by ErRoR on 02.10.2009
i checked ur homepage. about this "exploration" that u disabled. How u can move around then? Or is ur game based only on one town?
Posted by ErRoR on 02.10.2009
For comments u can use

Username: ErRoR
Password: Zjt5F9

put ur nick under comment only.
and people please use these wisely if u do.

Posted by ErRoR on 02.10.2009
Thanks for letting me reply. The game is 1 town based, as I let everyone have town 0 and 1 for defaults. I will check the explore.php out. Right now I am forgoing XP, and will raise HP through training a stat named Stamina (sta*sta + 100 is the forumla)
Posted by ErRoR on 04.25.2010
if i level up a character in admin panel ; this would level up it stats tp mp hp ?

Posted by ErRoR on 01.07.2013
Check out!
Posted by ErRoR on 01.07.2013
Check out Great modification to dragon knight I just found! Best modification yet and the programmer seems to be updating it tons!
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