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Submitted by Dradaki on 05.03.2009 (1305 Downloads)
This mod will make it so you need to be a certain level to buy a piece of equipment.
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Posted by Fayt on 05.06.2009
All you need is if ($userrow['level'] < '15') {
echo 'Sorry you need to be at least level 15 to equip this. }

If you wanted to do it through a database it'd be like this.

if ($userrow['level'] < $equiprow['requirement']) { echo 'Still can't equip it.'; }
Posted by ErRoR on 05.06.2009
I'm still not that proficient in PHP, havent had alot of time for research with a surgery coming up.

On a side note would you be able to help with a market script, where you sell items via market to other players?

Posted by Fayt on 05.08.2009
Are you asking me?
Posted by ErRoR on 05.08.2009

Posted by Fayt on 05.08.2009
I already have one on my game. But your the one who keeps fucking up and insulting me on here, telling me I don't know how to code. Simply because my game isn't capable with your versions. The reason I don't make mods is because why should I take time out of coding my own game, to release mods I cannot test?

But back to your question, once you can show me some respect, I would be more willing to help out.
Posted by ErRoR on 05.08.2009
Where did I insult you?

Posted by Fayt on 05.09.2009
Posted by ErRoR on 05.07.2009
hahaha! Better programmer? Why don't you post something and let the people be the judge instead of blowing smoke out your ass saying you are so much better then everyone in programming.

Hey, I am CEO of a company and make 1 million more a year then you do. See how that looks dickshit.
Posted by ErRoR on 05.09.2009
I have always signed my name to posts made under ErRoRs account (except my first post). I have no reason to be rude, and if I was I would still have signed my name. I certainly would not ask for help if I thought you didnt know what you were doing.
Posted by ErRoR on 05.09.2009
Sorry forgot to sign lol

Posted by Fayt on 05.09.2009
So you are trying to say that two people use that account name?
Posted by ErRoR on 05.09.2009
There are several now. ErRor put his details in one of my mods, I think a jimmy person used it as well, but unfortunately now any idiot can post under his name

Posted by Fayt on 05.10.2009
Well he wasn't very smart.

So what part are you stuck on?
Posted by ErRoR on 05.14.2009
Sorry for the late reply, was in hospital for the back surgery.

As for where I am stuck, I wouldnt have a clue of where to start lol. I was looking at the code to use the built in forum, but I know I would have add alot of stuff, then maybe auto prune and then there is the case of the forum showing only X amount of posts.

I really should start lookin at php tutorials and whatnot

Posted by Fayt on 05.16.2009
Well with the tutorials it'd be a pain to convert their coding into DK coding. For markets you need a relist function, sell function, purchase function, delete function, and list function. Also need all the security blocks such as user doesnt have enough gold, item is no longer available, etc. Mine is roughly 800 lines long, so it'd take weeks to do.
Posted by ErRoR on 04.25.2010
hey people i will be the third on this account ok ?:)

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