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Submitted by Demeiz on 06.26.2009 (857 Downloads)
Hall of fame mod for DK



This mod uses 7 character classes in most of the code.  If your game doesn't use classes, you may have to edit quite a great deal of this.
Don't say i didn't warn you :P

6 character class installer for DK STOCK - http://dragon.se7enet.com/mods/index.php?do=file&id=68

6 character class installer for DK MODDED - http://dragon.se7enet.com/mods/index.php?do=file&id=67

Btw, this is my first upload, so go easy on me!  If this gets decent feedback, imma upload my referral script.

// edit: Wahey, flamed by fayt! I'm honored.  The character names appear in the script, however i removed them from the image.  Because i can. :D Boo yah!
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Posted by Fayt on 06.29.2009
Sucks because you are missing Character names. Either put charname in your select query, or you need to put it in your while loop.
Posted by ErRoR on 07.25.2009
Well atleast he did something and i respect that he is trying. good job. I know you r pro Fayt but ur ego is bigger than Mount Everest. u shoudnt say "fu*k of im pro" give them a break, we aynt so god dam pros but atleast we tryin to make something.

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