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Submitted by xanderman on 02.19.2006 (3310 Downloads)
FIXED - This mod creates an image with a red dot displaying the player's current location. This could be easily modified to display all user locations, locations of high-level players, etc.
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Posted by dragonheartman on 05.26.2006
Wow, works flawlessly and looks very professional. I like it a lot!
Posted by Gammort on 07.10.2006
Supermod! I was thinking of this but i couldn't think of any way to do it. I'm happy you did it :)
Posted by qBism on 07.31.2006
sweet!  suggest adding for better precision:

#map {
width: 501px;
height: 501px;
background-image: url(images/map.gif);
 this>>>  background-position:center center;
 and this>>>  background-repeat:no-repeat;
Posted by Polsman on 09.17.2006
I don't know why but it is not working for me. I installed it correctly as the readme said and it's not working. I would be grateful if someone could help me.
Posted by Fanatic on 10.13.2006
Whats not working?
Posted by Ninja on 10.14.2006
If its like me the dot isnt showing up at all i see the map n i edited it to be a bit smaller so it fit evenly in the popup but even before the size edit the dot never showed up, if you can help me aswell that would be nice to.
Posted by xanderman on 10.17.2006
THIS MOD REQUIRES GDLIB! if no red dot shows up, either you have screwed something up or your web host does not have gd enabled. email your web host support to ask if gdlib is installed.
this mod worked perfectly for me and for several other people (as evident by the first three comments :p).
Posted by brian elooh on 02.04.2007
how do i change this code so that it shows all player position?
Posted by ErRoR on 04.26.2010
brian elooh
there is a fixed dynamic mod version with multiplayer dots

search for it

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