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Unlimited Levels and Stat Upgrade - Click to Download
Submitted by Horsley on 05.19.2006 (1246 Downloads)
Read the Read Me file and do the steps to get unlimited levels for your game and for the stat upgrade.

-- Horsley
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Posted by Darkangel on 05.22.2006
this script not have very good 1 monster and and got lvl up lvl points no wear can use and spell points to!
Posted by Horsley on 05.25.2006
If you have read in the forums the xpfactor is times 2.85 so its 5 times 2.85 so yeah fast level ups kinda but they will start to slow down after awhile and for the spell points you can add back the spell part back in the fight.php file. I have been under tons of work so pretty much way to busy to do anything with it.
Posted by weasley on 05.27.2006
but maybe you just add 1 spell and 1 lvl point after each fight? and leave everything else alone?
Posted by Billwaa on 05.27.2006
sorry, but what does

STEP 6: Now in the DK Table add in the table

`levelpt` bigint(255) NOT NULL default '0',
`spellpt` bigint(255) NOT NULL default '0',

after level and now that should be all there


what field?
Posted by Horsley on 05.29.2006
that tells how many levelpts the player has and spellspts the player has put that in dk_users
Posted by Larou on 06.12.2006
I level up every time I kill a monster no experience gain just level up no matter what level one kill gain one level..
Posted by YT on 06.26.2006
"this script not have very good 1 monster and and got lvl up lvl points no wear can use and spell points to!"

Go back to english class, moron.

About the mod, please fix that crap with the non-stop lvling up.

Posted by Aero on 05.28.2007
shut up YT lets see u make a perfect sentence in his language. I hate racism that has to do with people flaming people with limited English. I applaud him for learning English.
Posted by Unique-Effex on 06.21.2007
and how are u suppose to use the level points ?
Posted by kristjan on 01.03.2008
shold do like this... its work on my game:
Open templates/towns.php
<li /><a href="index.php?do=level">Chance ur levels</a>
open index.php
   elseif ($do[0] == "level") { include('level.php'); level(); }
if u dont done whit thad upload level.php into to your game database.

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