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Submitted by Larry McDonnell on 06.14.2006 (1219 Downloads)
Add 7 character races to your DK game
Human, Elf, Dwarf, Halfling, Gnome, Half-Elf and Half-Orc easy to add more races.
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Posted by Gammort on 07.10.2006
could this be made in sql or sumthin so i can put in the database.. because i already launched my game and id like to add it after if possible :)
Posted by killad on 08.09.2006
Gammort, I am working on that for V 1.8
Posted by EnderAndrew on 02.21.2007
I don't really know PHP, but just from a logical standpoint this looks like it might be wrong.

From your mod, in template/register.php

<tr><td>Character Race:</td><td><select name="charrace"><option value="1">Human</option><option value="2">Elf</option><option value="3">Dwarf</option><option value="4">Halfling</option><option value="5">Half Elf</option><option value="6">Gnome</option><option value="7">Half Orc</option></select></td></tr>

Shouldn't the literal names (Human, Elf) etc. be replaced with {{race1name}}, etc?

Otherwise changing those settings won't change how they appear when people register for new characters?

Posted by EnderAndrew on 02.21.2007
Just another observation as I look over this.

I'd try to balance the races a bit more.  

Humans get 42 points.
Elves get 46 points.
Dwarves get 42 points.
Poor Halflings get 36 points.
Half Elves get 44 points.
Poor Gnomes get 39 points.
Half-Orcs get 44 points.

Not to mention Race is a one-time bonus that will make the lower levels considerably easier, but has little effect in the long run.

Perhaps LotGD does this better.  At each level up, you get a small bonus for your race to one of your stats.  Given that there are seven stats, the seven races could each have one favored stat.

Maybe that's just me.
Posted by EnderAndrew on 02.21.2007
For what it is worth, this is what I'm going with for now:

if ($userrow["charrace"] == 1) { $maxhp =+ (rand(4,8)); $maxmp =+ (rand(4,8)); $maxtp =+ (rand(4,8)); $strength =+ (rand(4,8)); $dexterity =+ (rand(4,8)); $newattack =+ (rand(4,8)); $newdefense =+ (rand(4,8)); }// the human stats update
   if ($userrow["charrace"] == 2) { $maxhp =+ (rand(1,5)); $maxmp =+ (rand(5,9)); $maxtp =+ (rand(3,7)); $strength =+ (rand(3,7)); $dexterity =+ (rand(7,11)); $newattack =+ (rand(3,7)); $newdefense =+ (rand(5,9)); }// the elf stats update
   if ($userrow["charrace"] == 3) { $maxhp =+ (rand(5,9)); $maxmp =+ (rand(1,5)); $maxtp =+ (rand(3,7)); $strength =+ (rand(5,9)); $dexterity =+ (rand(3,7)); $newattack =+ (rand(3,7)); $newdefense =+ (rand(7,11)); }// the dwarf stats update
   if ($userrow["charrace"] == 4) { $maxhp =+ (rand(3,7)); $maxmp =+ (rand(3,7)); $maxtp =+ (rand(9,13)); $strength =+ (rand(1,5)); $dexterity =+ (rand(5,9)); $newattack =+ (rand(3,7)); $newdefense =+ (rand(3,7)); }// the halfing stats update
   if ($userrow["charrace"] == 5) { $maxhp =+ (rand(3,7)); $maxmp =+ (rand(7,11)); $maxtp =+ (rand(1,5)); $strength =+ (rand(3,7)); $dexterity =+ (rand(5,9)); $newattack =+ (rand(3,7)); $newdefense =+ (rand(3,7)); }// the drow stats update
   if ($userrow["charrace"] == 6) { $maxhp =+ (rand(3,7)); $maxmp =+ (rand(3,7)); $maxtp =+ (rand(3,7)); $strength =+ (rand(5,9)); $dexterity =+ (rand(3,7)); $newattack =+ (rand(7,11)); $newdefense =+ (rand(1,5)); }// the draconis stats update
   if ($userrow["charrace"] == 7) { $maxhp =+ (rand(7,11)); $maxmp =+ (rand(3,7)); $maxtp =+ (rand(3,7)); $strength =+ (rand(5,9)); $dexterity =+ (rand(1,5)); $newattack =+ (rand(3,7)); $newdefense =+ (rand(3,7)); }// the half-orc stats update
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